How Chloroquine works against Covid-19

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This article presents the theory of how Chloroquine works against SARS-CoV-2 (the virus responsible for Covid-19). If you are more “video-inclined”, you can watch this video that also explains it all:


This is only THEORY. We still need to make randomized double-blind clinical trials to prove the efficiency of this molecule. The body is an extremely complex machine, and sometimes theories forget other mechanisms that render them useless. We need EXPERIMENTS.

Indeed, health is a very complex matter and when focusing on one aspect, we generally discard other factors, which might actually be even more important. This post covers only one mode of action of chloroquine. Typically, it has been shown that chloroquine can also partially disable the virus’ ability to capture hemoglobin.

How the virus works

Once the virus’ RNA is in the cell, it is immediately used by the cell, which creates a special enzyme from it, called RNA Replicase (or RNA-Dependent RNA Polymerase, but let’s stick with the shorter and more explicit “replicase”).

The role of this RNA Replicase is to… replicate RNA. This means that this enzyme replicates the virus’ RNA inside the cell. Very soon, the cell gets overwhelmed by this foreign RNA and kills itself. As it dies, its contents spread inside the body and the replicated RNA of the virus can go invade other cells, like a chain reaction.

How Zinc helps

Zinc inhibits RNA Replicase. If the concentration of zinc inside the cell is large enough, then the RNA Replicase cannot do its job correctly, it is blocked by the zinc.

The problem is that zinc doesn’t get inside the cells naturally. Cells have gates that can enable it to get inside, but those gates are generally shut down, so the zinc cannot get inside the cell easily.

How Chloroquine helps

This is where Chroloquine comes into play. Chloroquine opens the gates which enable zinc to get inside the cells.

This means that, if you have enough zinc in your body, Chloroquine enables that zinc to get inside the cell, which in turn blocks the virus from replicating itself.

Conclusion – zinc is essential!

In order to be efficient, we need:

  • to have zinc in the body, which is why taking zinc supplements these days in important, if you don’t have enough zinc, Chloroquine will open the gates for nothing,
  • to use Chloroquine to enable the zinc to get inside the cells.

I am surprised that everyone is speaking about Chloroquine, but nobody talks about the zinc. If we make clinical trials but don’t add the zinc, then we might conclude that Chloroquine doesn’t work…

Friendly reminder: EXCESS ZINC IS ALSO TOXIC!

Balance is the key.

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